Infection Monitoring

(virus and antibody tests to assess risk from infectious diseases)

Take the guesswork out of back-to-work… get tested, stay safe

Ensure your employees are Safe

Workplaces should feel safe. Whilst care is usually given to ensuring physical hazards are minimized the risk of infectious disease also deserves attention. The Phendrix infectious disease screening service provide reassurance to employees that the workplace is a safe place. Early detection is crucial for minimizing contagion because infections can spread even before symptoms become apparent. And just as important is knowing when a recovering employee is safe to return to work following an infection.

A variety of tests for a variety of infectious diseases

To help staff return to work confidently after an outbreak our PCR and antibody testing service enables employees to know whether they are infected and therefore contagious – and, crucially, when they have recovered and have immunity – this will reassure staff that they are no longer at risk themselves and do not pose a risk to their co-workers.

We can collect samples at your workplace, at our lab or other agreed location to deliver timely and reliable results for diseases such as Flu, COVID-19, SARS and others.

We will also offer advice about how best to manage an outbreak and how to adapt in challenging circumstances to maintain both safety and productivity. For example, in some cases temperature monitoring may need to be implemented, and social distancing for disease-naïve and other vulnerable employees.

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