COVID-19 Back-to-Work Program

Screening for COVID-19 virus combined with screening for employee stress will help staff return to work

COVID-19 is not only a health crisis but also a potential economic crisis. Key to a return productivity will be a return to work by employees currently staying at home. However, even as restrictions are lifted staff members may yet resist returning to the workplace. In fact a recent survey suggested some 80% of individuals would be nervous about going back to work, potentially extending the period of economic harm. Phendrix Sciences can help boost the return to work by providing services aimed at reassuring colleagues that their workplace is healthy, happy and safe. Our unique combination of blood and swab testing for virus and antibodies is supported by screening for stress via cortisol testing and psychological questionnaire. This all-round approach enables employers to uncover any anxieties their staff may have about returning to work as well as putting in place the screening and monitoring practices that will give confidence, allay fears and dispel myths. In summary, the Phendrix Sciences COVID-19 Back-to Work Program will help companies return more quickly to productivity by assuring their staff that the workplace is a healthy, happy and safe place.