About Phendrix Sciences

Phendrix is committed to helping employers provide a healthy, happy and safe working environment.

By empowering staff to take responsibility for their own wellbeing employers can maximize productivity and minimize workdays lost to ill-health.

Healthy – screening employees for common diseases enables early medical intervention for conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

Happy – monitoring levels of cortisol can help prevent stress developing into anxiety and depression which account for most sick days.

Safe – knowing whether a staff member is positive for an infectious disease can enable employers to manage an outbreak whilst minimizing loss of productivity

Phendrix offers a flexible testing package to suit company and individual requirements.

As well as a core set of standard tests a range of additional analyses are also available and these may be selected by individuals to create a personalized testing schedule.

Usually these additional tests can be performed from the same sample eliminating the need for additional swabs or blood draws.

Whatever the set of tests run, and whatever the results, Phendrix provides follow-up advice and guidance – our medical team of doctors is always on hand.

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