General Health Screens

(a suite of biomarker tests to assess basic health parameters)

Empower your employees to stay Healthy

Phendrix helps employers to enable their workforce to take control of their health with a range of screening services. Our basic health screens for employees, often delivered as part of our wellness talks and days, include tests for a range of biomarkers. Our medical and scientific team will confidentially discuss results with individuals and advise on next steps or lifestyle changes where appropriate. This supportive action can help create a healthy and positive environment.

Show your employees you care about their Health

As we all know, preventive medicine is the best approach to staying healthy.

Screening is the key to prevention. By providing their staff with Wellness Day presentations and tests at the workplace, employers not only help to keep to their workforce healthy but also make a statement about the value placed on their employees, their most important asset.

We look at a variety of tests to help monitor general health

Our “Wellness” suite of tests include monitoring for signs of many common disorders including hypertension, heart and liver disease as well and diabetes.

Often a simple blood sample, swab or measurement can be interrogated for a whole range of biomarkers providing a safe and efficient monitoring regimen.

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