Stress Assesment

(cortisol test and psychological questionnaire)

Don’t let stress fester – get tested, stay happy, stay working

Empower your employees to be Happy

Phendrix helps employees to take control of their mental wellbeing through cortisol testing and a general mental health questionnaire. We can offer mental wellbeing and mindfulness alongside this testing. Our medical and scientific teams will confidentially discuss results with individuals and advise on next steps or lifestyle changes where appropriate. Results are completely confidential and will not be shared with employers.

Show your employees you care about their Happiness

Our unique combination of testing and self-assessment will identify employees who are at risk of becoming stressed long before the problems lead to absenteeism.

A simple swab sample conveniently collected in the workplace combined with a straightforward questionnaire is all that is needed to accurately monitor staff stress levels.

We will measure levels of cortisol, a powerful stress hormone – elevated or changeable cortisol levels can be an early warning of stress which can lead to anxiety and depression.

Our sympathetic and professional team of medical staff will confidentially discuss results with individuals and set them on the right track to avoiding time off work.

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